What's happening at Caspellwynd.



Christmas 2011


 And she said we were moving further south for the warmer weather!









January 2011 : The year started on a sad note with the loss of Brodie leaving me with only two dogs.

Rudi in front of Tearlach

Rudi's first show of the year was Manchester - judge Jane Dennis -where he was placed third in Post Graduate.

February :

Caledonian - (judge Sven Slettedal) - Rudi  1st and BOB

Rutherglen -  (judge Mr G Sutherland)  Rudi 1st and BOB

Irvine -          (judge Mr E Farningham) Rudi 1st and BOB

March :

English Setter Society of Scotland - (judge Mrs R Goutorbe) Rudi 1st Post Graduate

West Lothian - (judge Mrs J Fairbairn) Rudi 1st and BOB

April :

Perthshire -   (judge Mr B Marshall)   Rudi 1st, BOB, Group 4

Tay Valley Gundogs - (judge Mr G Pow) Rudi 2nd Post Graduate

Clackmannan - (judge Mrs S Webster) Rudi 1st and BOB

May :

Kirkcaldy - (judge Mrs C Morgan) Rudi 1st BOB

SKC - (judge Mrs B Harding) Rudi 3rd Limit

GBAS Open - (judge Mr J Cuddy) Rudi 2nd Post Grad


Rudi at a very windy GBAS Open Show

June :

Dundee - (judge Mr S Pitts) Rudi 3rd

St Andrews and Cupar - (judge Eileen Jackson) Rudi 1st BOB

Unfortunately a bad throat infection has meant that I have been off school and unable to go to Border Union or Blackpool. Next week I leave teaching (two years earlier than planned), and also move house to West Lothian. Haven't told the dogs yet!

July :

Am now a lady of leisure - well frantically packing boxes and trying to organise the move. Five days until I move and there are bags and boxes everywhere! The dogs sense something is happening.

Moved house  on Friday (suffering from bronchitis) and during a thunderstorm so that everything got soaked through. Now in Livingston and trying to find my way around. The dogs seem reasonably pleased with their new patch. No internet yet but email address will remain the same.

Fife Open Show - (judge Mrs E Cooper) Rudi  1st BOB 

August :

Well it has taken some time to recover from illness and moving house! The dogs are quite happy now and so it is back to showing!

Scottish Kennel Club - (judge Mrs M Anderson)

      Rudi - 3rd Post Graduate

      Tearlach - 1st Veteran Dog

September :

Perthshire Canine Club Open Show - (judge Mrs C Borthwick) Rudi 1st BOB

Irvine Open Show - (judge Mr J McCreath) Rudi 2nd Open




 We love sitting on the decking at our new house!












What am I glaring at?







These pesky squirrels keep invading my garden!







 Oh no, "She Who Must be Obeyed" is coming. Better get off the settee.








Mr Goody Four Paws looking smug knowing Rudi is about to be caught.






Five minutes later.



A much shorter drive to Newby Hall to Darlington Dog Show. Drove through thick fog, then the sun burnt through and the show was basked in baking sunshine, then the heavens opened and the drive back was very tricky with surface water and windscreen wipers not coping with the deluge.

Tearlach won Veteran Dog, running round the ring like a puppy and looking good for his nine years!

Dumfries and Galloway - judge Mrs C Wood - Rudi 1st Open and Best of Breed


The long, long, long, long drive to Builth Wells for South Wales Kennel Association was quite exhausting.

Rudi 3rd Post Graduate

Tearlach 1st Veteran Dog

Then an even more exhausting long, long, long, long drive back!

Another overnight drive, this time to Malvern for Gundog Society of Wales, judge Gordon Hayburn. Well done to Mariglen Snowdrift (Rudi's half brother) for gaining his third ticket and RBIS.

Tearlach again stormed around the ring to win Best Veteran Dog, then was beaten by his half sister Sh Ch Fenston Arabella at Mariglen for BVIB.


Oh. no! He's back and he's brought reinforcements!



 If only I could make a noise

 like a peanut .........





English Setter Society of Scotland  - judge Rachel Ludbrook

Tearlach second in Veteran Dog / Rudi third in Post Graduate Dog.

Greenock and District - Rudi 1st Open and BOB - judge Miss Chris Holmes


Waverley Gundogs - Rudi 1st Open and BOB - judge  Barbara Critchley

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland - judge  Gill Lewis

Tearlach 1st Veteran Dog

Rudi 1st Post Graduate Dog


Land O Burns - judge Mrs Pollock (A change of judge from Kay Reid)

Rudi 2nd Open

Northern English Setter Society

A journey through the snow was worthwhile.

Rudi, having won his way out of Post Grad, made his first appearance in a Limit class of eleven dogs, and was awarded 3rd place.  He then went into Special Beginners and was awarded 1st place and a bag of dog food.

Tearlach, not to be outdone, went into Veteran which he won, along with another bag of food!

He has only been entered in 7 shows this year, all Championship Shows, and has had 6 firsts and a second. Not bad for an old guy who thought he was retired!

The end of showing for 2011 as the Yearbook takes up a major part of my life now!

Good luck to everyone in 2012!