What's been happening at Caspellwynd this year

27th January - The first show of the year, Kirkintilloch, judge Kerrie Kelly. Fetlar won open and BOB.

Blue roan, clean head, good eye, deep muzzle, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, correctly angulated fore quarters, prominent breastbone, straight front, good bone and tight feet. Deep chested with good body and spring of ribs, hindquarters muscled with good bend of stifle.  

29th January - Border Counties Gundog judge Mhairi Vallance - Fetlar was placed second in open. 

4th February - Midland English Setter Society Championship Show, judge A Greenhalgh - Fetlar was place 3rd in Mid Limit.

10th February - Rutherglen Open Show, judge John Evans - Fetlar was placed 1st in Open and Best of Breed

Impressive 3 year old male of excellent breed type.  He is full of quality and style with clean balanced outline, handsome head with darkest of eyes and kind expression. Good bone and tight feet.  presented in good coat and condition.  Moved with high head carriage, plenty of reach and drive and using his tail correctly. 

18th February - Waverley Gundogs Open Show, judge Carol Gill - Fetlar was placed 1st in Open and Best of Breed.

Blue Belton shown in good coat and condition, dark eye and kind expression, neat ears, ample neck and good shoulders, level backed, good croup and tailset, strong rear quarters, good bone and neat feet, moved with drive and purpose 

24th February - Irvine Open Show, judge Don McCulloch - Fetlar was placed 1st in Open and Best of Breed

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM. Mature dog with fine qualities. Pleasing head with dark eye, low set ears, good stop, well boned, tucked in elbows, straight front and moved well. 

25th February - Catrine Open Show, judge Mrs H Evans - Fetlar was placed 1st in Open, Best of Breed and Gundog Group 3.

Thomson's Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM.  Stood alone but a really nice blue belton boy, especially handsome head, beautifully made throughout and moved very well, pleased to give him Group 3. 

11th March - Crufts Championship Show, judge Mr John Barber.  Rudi showed his socks off in Veteran Dog at the age of 10, and was placed 4thFetlar was entered in Mid-Limit and was placed 1st. 

This "dog in a lifetime" has been at four Crufts, been placed 1st every time, once with Best Puppy and and once with a RCC. 

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM. B/B lovely headed male with true blue expression and kind eye, balanced head, long arched neck leading to well laid shoulders, good front and feet, well angulated fore and aft, tail well set on, great depth of body.  Shown in good coat and hard condition. Moved well here and pushed hard for top honours. 

23rd March - Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland, judge Chuck Carter. Fetlar was placed 1st in Open.

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM. B/W boy who stood over the ground well. Masculine head with a kind eye, well set ears, good neck and shoulders.  well ribbed body, good in front and strong rear end, moved well. 

24th March - West Lothian, judge Mrs S Webster - Fetlar was placed 1st in Open and BOB

30th March - Rutherglen, judge Mrs S Aston. Fetlar was placed 1st in Open and BOB

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW.  Nice shaped dog with very mature head and soft expression in eyes.  Muscular neck into well placed shoulders.  Deep chest, good bend of stifle.  Presented beautifully. BOB 

8th April - English Setter Society of Wales Championship Show - judge Mrs M Henry. Fetlar was placed 1st in Mid Limit Dog.

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM Very attractive blue dog of good size.  Well balanced head of good proportions.  Dark eye and kind expression.  Well boned and tight feet.  Strong muscular neck leading into well angulated shoulders.  Good depth of brisket and well angulated rear.  Well muscled mature dog moved soundly.  Another quality dog. 

21st April - Drongan judge Mrs N Farquharson. Fetlar was placed 1st in Open, BOB and then Gundog Group 2.

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM. Although he stood alone he is a very worthy winner.  He is masculine without being overdone in any way.  He has a noble head of good proportions with a well defined stop, plenty of brain room and well defined occiput.  Nice deep muzzle.  His eyes are very bright and expressive.  Clean neck. Well set back shoulders.  Good depth of brisket and chest.  Straight rounded bone to forearms.  Short level back and well ribbed up.  Strong loin.  Well muscled hind quarters that enhanced his free sound movement.  Group 2. 

22nd April - Clydebank - judge Richard Stafford. Fetlar was placed 1st in Open, BOB and Gundog Group 3.

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM. Dog. Eyecatching for his breed type and balance.  Masculine head without coarseness, well angled shoulders ample bone and good feet, super deep chest, correct top line, well angulated rear with correct tail set, shown, moved and presented well. BOB and Gp3 

28th April - Tay Valley Gundog  - judge Mrs S Ewan. Fetlar was placed 1st in Open.

Blue belton masculine head, dark eyes, correct bite, good length of neck, neat tight feet, deep chest, excellent presentation. 

7th May - Border Counties Gundog - judge Colin Troth.   Fetlar was placed 1st in Open and then awarded BOB

13th May - Cumnock Open Show - judge Carol Henry.  Fetlar was placed 1st in Open with BOB

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM. Blue Boy, masculine oval head, well laid shoulders, short strong topline, well sprung ribs, covered the ground, good use of tail 

3rd June - Southern Counties - judge Gordon Hayburn. Fetlar was placed 1st in a large limit dog class and then was awarded the RCC.

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM. 4yo BB, now fully mature and a dog I feel could (and should) carry his title.  Lovely balanced dog with correct front and rear and carries a strong topline.  The heat was killing him however and he didn't show as well as his make suggests he can.  Won the RCC in a good selection of dogs and I do hope he gets the CCs he needs to finish.

10th June - 3 Counties - judge Chris Sayers. Fetlar was again placed 1st in the large limit dog class

Wow, what a class, full of quality and could have done with more red cards, headed by Thomson's Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM.  Blue dog who I have judged before and when he is not overstretched presents the most lovely outline, really well made throughout, with attractive sculptured head, straight front with rounded bone and substance, neat tight feet.  Lovely length of neck flows into well placed shoulder line with a good return of upper arm, deep through the body with level topline and correct tailset.  Another who was well muscled from his pleasing quarters and this was reflected in his movement with good reach and drive.  In the challenge however, although sound, he just lacked the extra sparkle and oomph that I was looking for for top honours.  a nice dog nonetheless. 

17th June - Border Union - judge Fee Mitchell.  Fetlar was placed 2nd in Limit Dog.

Mariglen Fetlar  Caspellwynd JW ShCM.  Another upstanding dog in lovely bloom and condition.  Preferred the head of 1 but a dog with ring presence who is willing to please handler.  Great body with barrelled ribs, powerful quarters, level topline and again moved well round the ring.

17th June - English Setter Society of Scotland - judge Chris Morgan.  Fetlar was placed 2nd in Mid Limit.  He has now won his way out of mid-limit and can only show in Limit. 

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM.  Balanced head, strong neck, excellent shoulders and return of upper arm.  Good depth but not the width in quarters of the winner.  In lovely coat.  Sound mover. 

23rd June - Blackpool - judge Maureen Taylor. Fetlar was placed 1st in Limit Dog and then awarded the RCC.

Thomson's Mariglen Fetlar JW ShCM. A mature and balanced blue dog.  Well presented and pushed hard for the CC.  Excellent head and expression, good reach of neck, deep chest, level topline, short coupled with ribs going well back and in hard condition with a full coat.  He moved well as would be expected due to his construction. RCC

1st July - Hawick - judge Becky Danks - Kemish - Fetlar was placed 1st in Open and BOB.  Then under judge Gordon Hayburn, Fetlar was awarded Gundog Group 2. 

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM. 4yr old blue belton male in fabulous condition.  Clean in outline and elegant in appearance and movement.  Beautiful head with well-defined stop and correct dark eye.  Long, lean and muscular neck, leading to well set back shoulders and deep chest.  Forearms straight with good bone and short strong pasterns.  Level topline with well sprung ribs.  Good angulation behind.  A very happy boy with a slashing tail and tremendous movement covering the ground well.  BOB.

7th July - Greenock - judge Martin Sanders.  Fetlar was placed 1st in Open and BOB. 

15th July - Annandale - judge Jane Graham.  Fetlar won Open dog and then was awarded BOB. 

Thomson's Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM. 4yr old blue belton with masculine head and gentle expression, well set ears, good neck and well paced shoulders.  Ample ribbing and body, true in front and strong rear, moved out well. BOB 

21st July - NESS Championship Show - judge Mrs G Sykes.  Fetlar was placed 1st in a large and strong Limit Dog class. 

Such a quality class of lads. . Thomson's Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW. B/b with strong masculine head, kind expressive eye of correct oval shape, over the head this dog excelled for me, strong neck into well laid back shoulders, deep chest with elbows well let down, good round bone, padded feet, short level back, good bend of stifle, well muscled second thigh, tail straight off the back, short hock, he powered his way around the ring, covering the ground with slashing tail won him this class. 

28th July - Leeds - judge Chris Atkinson. Fetlar was placed 3rd in Limit Dog. 

19th August - Welsh Kennel Club - judge Peter Schoneville. Fetlar was placed 4th in Limit Dog 

25th August - Scottish Kennel Club - judge A Douthwaite. Fetlar won Open Dog, Best Dog and then Best of Breed.

Thomson's Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM.  A lovely looking dog with very attractive coat in super condition.  Presented a very balanced picture, correctly angled forehand and hindquarters.  Good balanced head with correct ear placement.  Strong topline, good depth to body and ribs well sprung.  Moved very well and went well in the Group.  BD, BOB

2nd September - City of Birmingham - judge Sarah Loakes. Fetlar won Limit Dog and then  ..............................Dog CC!!!!!!!! 

Thomson's Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM.  Masculine type who stands over his ground .  He may not be the flashiest but certainly very typey and sound.  He has a stylish balance outline. Dark eye with soft expression. Lengthy neck into well laid shoulders.  Super depth of brisket ad spring of rib.  Strong level topline.  Super tailset.  Moved off well in front, strong short hocks.  CC. Really hope his 3rd isn't far away.

7th October - SWKA - judge Lesley Simpson.  Fetlar was placed 2nd in Open Dog and then awarded the RCC

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM.  Blue, very elegant standing, has to be gone over to appreciate. Pleasing masculine head, great reach of neck into strong, well angled shoulders, good bone, level topline and tailset, lovely feet. Happy mover with free driving action, Res CC 

24th October - Midland Counties - judge Penny Williams.  Fetlar was placed 3rd in Open Dog.

3rd November - Waverley Gundogs - judge Chloe Green.  Fetlar was paced 1st in Open Dog and awarded BOB

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM.  4 year old male with a balanced outline.  His head is "all boy" with a good dome to skull and deep muzzle.  Lovely low set ears draped over a long muscled neck.  Shoulders laid back, topline level and good tailset.  Ribs well sprung.  Hindquarters muscled and well bent.  Mischievous on the move today looking up at his Mum, but was steady and covered the ground well. 

10th November - GBAS - judge Henryk Frykstrand.  Fetlar was placed 1st in Open Dog and awarded the RCC


Thomson's Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM.  Impressive male of high quality, the best of heads, lovely expression, good neck, front and shoulders, excellent substance, strong topline with correct tailset, sound rear, moved with style and drive, well presented in lovely coat RCC

10th November - ESS of S - judge Sandy Williamson.  Fetlar was placed 1st in Open Dog and awarded Res Best Dog

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM.  Solidly built, with good width to head & soft expression, good neck & shoulder, strong in topline, deep chest, ribs well sprung, strong bone with neat feet, tail set on and carried well.  Presented in good coat and condition he moved with ease & covered the ground with a powerful driving action. 

18th November - Clydebank - judge David Smith.  Fetlar was placed 1st in Open and then awarded BOB.

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM - A quality male with lots to like about him. He has a quality head with correct eye shape and colour. Correct length of neck leading into clean well placed shoulders.  Nice and deep in brisket. Wide sprung rib and deep in back rib.  Nicely angulated behind which he used well on the move. BOB 

1st December - West Lothian - judge Cathy McShane. Fetlar won Open and BOB

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM. Have admired this 4 year old blue belton on many occasions from the ringside and he didn't fail to impress.  He is a lovely quality dog.  Typical masculine head with correct oval eye shape and size, dark.  Lean head and well domed from ear to ear.  Balanced from skull to nose and occiput to eye.  Good length of flews.  Gentle, kind, keen expression. Well muscled lean neck into well placed front assembly, close elbows and round bone.  Short back and coupled, deep through chest and well ribbed.  Excellent back assembly well let down in hock, and no weakness in hocks.  Tail flowing off the croup and wonderful flashing action on the move.  He covers ground with grace and style.  Well deserved BOB. 

2nd December - Land O' Burns - judge Doreen Hardie.  Fetlar won Open and BOB

Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM.  This lovely boy I have had the pleasure of judging him before.  Lovely dark eyes, classic head, delightful expression.  Balanced in outline and is a joy to watch 

22nd December - Carluke - Sue Knowles.  Fetlar won Open and BOB

 Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM.  Lovely dog with a correctly level topline, correct stifle and powerful movement that was free, graceful and enduring.  I was delighted to award him Best of Breed.