What's happening at Caspellwynd.

Happy New Year to everyone and Best Wishes for 2014!



Rudi started the year (2013) qualifying to take part in Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Top Dog Competition and also SKC Top Open Dog Competition where he got through to the quarter finals.

He was well placed at most of the Championship Shows he attended. 

At the Open Shows he won a RBIS, 2 Group 4 and 13 BOBs.

It has been delightful to watch his puppies from the Shanaz, Mariglen, Crayfish's Creek (Germany) and of Kyntire (Belgium) litters, doing so well in the ring both here and abroad. Mariglen Xanthe, one of his offspring, is the Top Puppy in Breed 2013, and has already won a RCC and a CC!

January 19th.  The first show of the year took us down to Stafford for Manchester Championship Show.  Rudi came third in a large Open Dog class judged by Mrs Agnes Murphy.

 Rudi at Manchester

January 20th.  Rudi is the sire of the latest Beechanger litter.

January 25th  Kirkintilloch Open Show - Rudi won BOB and Gundog Group 2 judged by Mrs Helen Gracie

February 2nd Midland English Setter Society Championship Show - Rudi came third in Open Dog judged by Mrs Di Morgan                                                                                      

Rudi at Midland English Setter Society 

February 8th Rutherglen Canine Club Open Show - Rudi won the Open class and  BOB judged by Gemma Gisby

ENGLISH SETTERS (5,3) 1 Thomson's Swannery Valentino's Legacy to Caspellwynd, elegant clean outline when stood, good reach of neck which flows into clean shoulders & topline, pleasing quarters with strength which showed on the move. BOB; 2 Vallance & Callander's Shambellie Last Stand at Rowanmyle. . 



February 16th Waverley Gundogs Open Show - Rudi won Open and BOB judged by Jean Byrne

ENGLISH SETTERS (2) 1 Thomson's Swannery Valentino's Legacy to Caspellwynd, a quality male who showed himself off well. Lovely head, correct low earset, strong muscular neck. Short back, ribs well sprung & strong over loin. Strong hindquarters & good straight hocks & tight feet. A very worthy BOB.




 Rudi at Waverley Gundogs 


Critique from Greenock, December 2013 :

English Setters (3) 1st Swannery Valentino's Legacy to Caspellwynd Sh CM Smart b/b male, liked his head shape with good dark eye, gave pleasing expression, correct ears well set, moderate in length, muscular neck with well made chest & front construction, body of substance with well sprung ribs.  Short backed, well formed hind quarters, muscular with stifles well bent, tight feet, stacked gave good outline, shown in good coat, looked well,  BOB



Mum made me a onesie. She took the ears off because she said it made me look stupid. 


March 1st South West Gundog Society - Rudi won Open and BOB judged by Anthony Allan

1 Thomson's Swannery Valentino's Legacy to Caspellwynd, blue dog with a masculine head with a kind eye. Clean neck, little heavy over the shoulders today. Good through the body with well sprung ribs & length of loin. Quarters well made with good angulation. Level topline which he held on the move. Moved soundly. BOB                                   Anthony Allan 


Rudi at South West Gundogs 


March 2nd East of Scotland - Rudi won Open and BOB judged by Mrs C Wood


March 9th.  The long journey to Crufts proved very worthwhile when judge Angela Morgan placed Rudi 2nd in Open Dog and called him back in for the Challenge. What a day!



 Rudi at Crufts .

2 Thomson's Swannery Valentino's Legacy To Caspellwynd, this boy is a real classic example of our breed, not flashy & doesn't really stand out in a crowd but has to be handled to be appreciated. Good all over conformation & moved with drive, was pleased to meet him

Angela Morgan 

6th April -   A good day for Rudi in many ways.  VHC in Open Dog at English Setter Society of Wales, judge Maureen Withey.  Then he sat back and watched his daughter Mariglen Xanthe JW winning her second RCC.  And finally, during the show we heard that he has sired 8 puppies out of Ravensett Royal Diamond for Grakar.


13th April - Perthshire Open Show Judge Mrs I Glen - Rudi won Open and BOB 

ENGLISH SETTERS 1 Thomson Swannery's Valentino's Legacy to Caspellwynd, lovely type of dog with a well balanced masculine head & eye shape. Clean over neck & shoulders with plenty of body & depth. Firm topline with lovely rear angulation. Moved out well.  

 20th April - English Setter Association Champ Show Judge Mrs C Smith - Rudi VHC in Open Dog. We then watched proudly as Mariglen Xanthe, Rudi's daughter, won the Bitch CC and went on to Best in Show!


27th April - English Setter Society of Scotland held their 30th Anniversary Championship Show.  Rudi came 3rd in Open Dog and 5th in the Open Stakes 


28th April - Rudi sired the latest Mariglen litter of 8 out of Sh Ch Mariglen Francesca Fenston 


18th May - Scottish Kennel Club.  Rudi came fourth in the Open Dog class judged by Mr Andrew Brace. Yet again he had to stand back and watch his daughter Xanthe outbeating him - and how!! She won her class, then the bitch CC making her Sh Ch Mariglen Xanthe JW, then went BOB and ultimately Gundog Group 1 under Mrs M Hathaway. What a star! 


Photo Andrew Brace 

Sh Ch Mariglen Xanthe JW 

(Swannery Valentino's Legacy to Caspellwynd Sh CM x Mariglen Beautiful Dawn) 

30th May - Southern Counties - Rudi came fourth in Open Dog judged by Moray Armstrong. Once again daughter Xanthe excelled taking Bitch CC, BOB and Group 3.

 2nd June - Rudi sired a litter of 6 in Belgium out of Int Ch Hope of Kyntire

29th June - Windsor - Rudi 4th in Open Dog judged by Anne Green 

4th July - Rudi was at East of England show with David Howarth as judge.  He came 2nd in Open Dog. 

Thomson's Swannery Valentino's Legacy to Caspellwynd, I have seen this one at various stages through his career but felt that today he looked as well as ever. At 6 he is fully mature & presents a good picture. Good head with well shaped eyes & low set ears, he has a good reach of neck, straight front & plenty of ribcage. He has a firm topline & strong quarters with good rear angulation 

 6th July - At ESA Open Show Rudi won Open Dog and was awarded Reserve Best Dog by judge Tanya Lewis 

7th July - Look what Mum brought home with us 



This is Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd known as Fetlar,  who is apparently my son.

                             He  thinks he can take over my garden but I will sort him out!


My Dad said "Just wait there and I'll do a magic trick."

Then he disappeared.

4th August - Rudi has sired a litter of eight - 2 boys and 6 girls - out of Sunrush Moonlight Serenade 


23rd August - SKC Championship Show - Rudi was 3rd in Open Dog. 

"When you are rootling in the bin, it is good to have a comfy seat" 



Fetlar standing for the first time.



November 2nd.  After what seems a very long time without showing, Fetlar took his first steps into a show ring at Waverley Gundogs.  There was only an Any Variety Minor Puppy class for him so he was up against cockers and a pointer and Spinoni etc,  but I was delighted when he was placed second, especially as he was the youngest dog in the class. I was even more delighted that he stood still and moved happily! Thank you judge Frank Whyte.

Rudi meanwhile had to watch from his cage as he is recovering from bites from a dog related incident and is still a bit subdued.


November 8th.  Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Championship Show.  

Fetlar 1st Minor Puppy - Judge Mrs Elli Downer.   Then he went on to get 2nd in the puppy stakes class.  What a star.  

MPD (2) 1 Thompson's Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd, balanced head, dark eye, short coupled, firm topline, well off for bone, good spring of rib. Moved nicely . Elli Downer Judge

Rudi was still unhappy after being set upon last week and was third in Open Dog. 

 Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd : One of the nicest 6 month old English Setter puppies I have seen for a long time.  What a cracker, superb type, defined by the work in his head and that melting expression.  He has a decent stop. Correct ear set and length complete the picture.  Liked his length of neck, correct topline, strong loin.  He has plenty of substance which does not detract  from that touch of elegance.  Straight forelegs, good tight feet.  His hindquarters show a good bend of stifle and second thigh plus moderately short rear pasterns.  He is so pleasing on the move for this breed completely together,  What a really bright future awaits this blue boy.  Chris Bexon Judge.


29th and 30th November.  Travelled down to Newark for Setter and Pointer Club Championship Show where Fetlar came second in Minor Puppy Dog. Judge Sue Bryant. 

Thomson's Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd, promising blue baby of nearly 8 months, kind expression, dark eye, correct lay of shoulder, level topline, short hocks, neat feet, moved well 

The next day we went to MESS Open Show in Baginton where Fetlar was awarded 1st in Minor Puppy Dog, best Puppy Dog and Reserve Best Puppy in Show. Judge David Shields.

1 Thomson's Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd. Very promising young man of excellent make and shape. Pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck set in well placed shoulders, lovely depth of chest for his age, short backed, well made quarters. Presented in super coat and condition. When he put all four feet on the ground was the soundest of movers ! BPD. 


7th December took us down to Elsecar for Northern English Setter Society's Championship Show.  Fetlar was awarded 1st in Minor Puppy Dog, judge Ros Croft.

MP (4) 1 Thompson's Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd, a very gangly blue, nice head & expression, well placed shoulders, short coupled, well off for bone, moved well 


14th December drove through the night to get to LKA at Birmingham Fetlar was again awarded 1st in Minor Puppy Dog judge Sharon Littlechild